A brief history of Witter Field

Witter Field

Some History to Witter Field

  • 1870’s- Alexander Woodson creates a horse racing track on the future site of Witter Field
  • 1876- The land is sold to the city of Grand Rapids (now Wisconsin Rapids)
  • 1902- Lincoln high school is built on the land, and becomes known as Lincoln Athletic Field.
  • 1934- First game played on the field was the Chicago Fireman team vs. a local team
  • 1940- Field name is changed to “Witter Field” to honor Isaac Witter.
  • 1940-1942- Chicago White Sox start an affiliate team known as the Wisconsin Rapids White Sox.
  • 1953- The White Sox leave Wisconsin Rapids
  • 1964- Minnesota Twins establish affiliate team, The Wisconsin Rapids Twins.
  • 1971- American Legion program is introduced, along with the Wisconsin Rapids Rangers
  • 1980- American Legion Introduces the junior varsity team, the Wisconsin Rapids Ramblers
  • 1983- Minnesota Twins leave Wisconsin Rapids
  • 1988 and 1995- Rangers become Wisconsin AAA state champions
  • 2005-2008- WIAC state baseball tournament is hosted
  • 2010- Wisconsin Rapids Rafters are introduced
  • March 2010- Crews install 234 seats from County Stadium
  • 2010-Present- Rafters and both legion teams continue to play at Witter Field
  • 2016 17U Regional Champions
  • 2018 19U WVLL Co-Champions
  • 2018 Host of 19U AAA Regionals(Rangers place 2nd)